2019 Performers

“His group is a perfect example of the world savvy musical product Canada is producing.”  Dr. Elena Lamberti, U of Bologna 

“Mancuso has made me shed tears from the sheer beauty and emotions of his voice.”  ~ Jeff Coffin, 3x Grammy Award Winner

“He wails with the best, crying the blues from the depths of his soul – bringing great measures of duende to the music.”  ~ Raul de Gama, All That Jazz


After 25 years committed to a vision influenced by his culturally diverse world, Dominic sees himself sitting at the table with the 21st century and the global village. His resume takes in several CDs, as well as several written scores for TV, films and theatre performances, numerous artistic collaborations and a great number of live shows in Canada and abroad.


After actively promoting Comfortably Mine, his Juno and Canadian Folk Music awarded ‘World Music Album of the Year’,  he realized there was an incredible chemistry forming amongst his touring band: Tony Zorzi (guitars); Paco Luviano (basses); Chendy Leon (percussion); Jerry Caringi (B3 organ & accordion); Johnny Johnson (saxes & woodwinds). 


Take them into the studio he did – Sub Urban Gypsy, the Juno follow up, was born! The recording clearly communicates the group’s wandering spirit, musical prowess and pluriculturalism, while nurturing the contemporary idea of a global culture.  

Dominic Mancuso Group (DMG) was one of several CONCERT FOR PEACE acts on that Sunday of the 2010 Labour Day weekend… the stage had a mystical magical atmosphere. They performed a remarkable set for an audience that hung onto every musical note and every emotional nuance. What a show!


A Chicago story: "I hit the open stage at Buddy guy's club and they wouldn't let me off. One of the guys there plays guitar with Koko Taylor and he kept calling me back up!"

Mike Branton made a name for himself as a young guitar prodigy in the Southern Ontario region evolving into a triple threat: inventive improvisational soloist, original singer and songwriter.  Part of any musician’s education is backing up other people.  Branton has been featured by, played with, shared the stage, recorded with and just plain jammed with a who’s who of Canadian and American blues musicians including Jeff Healey, Michael Pickett, George “Wildchild” Butler, Chicago Pete, Pat Ramsey, Richard Newell aka “King Biscuit Boy”, David Clayton Thomas, Willie “Big Eyes” Smith, Lee Oskar, Jordan John, Steve Marriner & Matt Sobb (Monkeyjunk), Amos Garrett, Michael Fonfara (Electric Flag) and long time boss Stu Heydon. This is a man in love with the blues. It was his first musical passion and one that has remained in full bloom over the years.  His trio closes out Concert For Peace every year and absolutely never disappoints!

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